The End. #prisoner

What is the most concerning thing in our life? Or we can say what are the things we want that gives us value to live a life?

Our life is so fast and busy that we never get a moment to think about anything other than work.

Even if we get the time then there is one thing that takes all our time. We know it as our pocket friend

‘Android buddy’

And this friend android buddy takes our whole night. And android’s best friends are very creative, which are Facebook, WhatsApp, TikTok, and messenger.

And this friend is so much helpful that they help to wish good morning and goodnight to all of our family members and our friends.

Another very new friend that become very special for every human being that is PUBG for spending night and days with him… it is best because of the feeling we get at pochinki in the night to kill our enemies and support our friends.

Now why I called this The End…well the main reason is that it leads to the end of our own soul, our time, and the most expensive of all is time with our mother and father.

Every youth do job on his/her life only for money, at the age of 17-21 we are hungry for money…hungry for income and we want to become self-dependent,

The main reason is we just want to leave our past and move out to explore the future. And if we don’t get opportunity to explore the world ….we engaged totally with our android buddy and spend the whole time with android’s friends GOOGLE, YouTube, and play store.

And start different ways for income. But did you know all these things were made to make our life a little bit helpful?

The person who discovered Google used his brain but the main motive of him was to reduce the pressure of our brain so that we can use our brain in creative work.

But you know due to this race for competition and dependency on others, it is just like a prisoner.

What we know about the prisoner …….in jail, their soul is destroyed but there are some things that are common between us and that is a morning routine, work, and endless time.

The only difference is that we get sufficient facilities and they get less.

Another main difference is that every day we waste our precious time with our android buddy but a prisoner utilizes that time to improve themselves.

You know why we are always chasing jobs and run in competitions…it is because of our mindset.

This article is based on our current situation that is lockdown and there are lots of youths who are feeling like a prisoner….because their income has stopped their bank balance is dis balanced…but if we are in-home so we don’t have to compare with jail because when a prisoner released from jail his soul is changed.

Because of this, I gave my article title #prisoner….with lots of motivation and self-confidence. I think this lockdown is giving us an opportunity to know our own ideas and skill and not to spend with our pocket friend android but to spend time with our family.

Whenever we think about income in this lockdown we just get tensed there is one solution to come out from this…you know we get motivated by those people who have lots of income and money so just take motivation from them.

Just observe them and notice what skills they have but you don’t then find out the skills that you have and try to work on them and improve them.

Take motivation from successor and learn new skills

And here’s why this article is titled THE END because here is the end of our old restful life… and after relief from COVID-19 and when the lockdown is over you will come out with more self-confidence more skilled to have a better life.

At last, I want to finish by telling one thing and that is never run in a competition to earn more money or for a better income but try to understand that how much you are capable of this competition. Now the last thing I want to share




Thank you

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