5 Best ways to increase jio 4G internet speed

How to Increase Jio Internet Speed | Speed Up your Jio internet | How to Boost Jio 4G Net Speed | Tips to Increase Reliance Jio Speed –If you are using jio internet then you may not be getting a good speed all the time. At times you must be frustrated with the speed so in this article I will tell you 5 Best ways to increase jio 4G internet speed.

But at first, you should know that you are not the only one to use jio, there are more than 13 Crore Indians using jio service.

If you read till the end of this article then I will tell you How to get 5GB internet for 30 rupees.

But before going into the methods you need to install Internet speed meter lite it will help you to look at your internet speed if you don’t have an internet meter.

You can either download it from the play store or you can download it from the download button below.

Best ways to increase jio 4G internet speed

Method 1: Call trick

If you are getting very slow internet speed then follow the step below:

  • Call someone from your jio number, you can call yourself, or you can dial 198 or 1991.
  • Stay on the call and then use your internet and then see the difference.
  • Your speed will be increased while you are on call; it will go back to normal when the call gets disconnected.

It might sound weird but this is one of the best ways to increase jio 4G internet speed although this is a temporary method it works in the case of an emergency.

This is a tested method and I use this method personally to increase my internet speed.

Do this now and comment down below that this method worked for you or not.

Proof:5 Best ways to increase jio 4G internet speed

Method 2: Jio net speed setting

This method is a little technical if you don’t know what you are doing then it is better if you don’t do it.

If anything goes wrong then your internet may not work properly so proceed at your own risk.

Follow these steps properly:

  • Go to Settings >> More >> Mobile Networks
  • Select Preferred network type LTE Only
  • Go to APN(Access Point Name)
  • And enter the following details

Jio APN Settings


Jio 4G




Not set


Not set


Not set


Not set



APN protocol


APN roaming protocol


If any setting is not here in this list then leave them as it is to not set or default values, don’t change them.

Check your speed before and after changing APN settings to know the difference in speed.

If it didn’t work for you or you are getting slower then you were getting earlier then click on the 3 dots and then reset it to the default setting.

Note: Try this method on your own risk! I will not be responsible for any damage. If you are a complete beginner then it’s better you do not try this method.

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Method 3: Changing the 4G Band

This is also complicated and if you don’t know what you doing I will recommend you not to do it. As if anything goes wrong you may have to factory reset your device.

  • Go to your dial screen and Dial *#*#4636#*#*
  • It will take you to a setting page here select the option of ‘phone information’
  • Scroll down and then select the “Set preferred network type” option and set it to LTE only.

If it doesn’t make any difference then set it back to as it was.

Method 4: Using VPN

This is another one of the best ways to increase jio 4G internet speed, all you have to do is Download any VPN like CM VPN, Snap VPN, Master VPN or any other VPN and make sure it has India server in it.

Download CM VPN as it has a high-speed India server.

After downloading and opening the app connect to India and then start surfing the internet.

You will see the changes immediately or after a few minutes this method not always work to increase jio 4G internet speed but you can try it.

Method 5: Using Net Optimizer apps

Download the net optimizer app from the play store or from here then install it on your mobile phone.

Open the application and check the tick box and click get started.

What net optimizer does for you is it stops all the background net consuming apps that are using up the internet without you even knowing.

This will help you a lot to increase jio 4G internet speed and smooth internet performance.

Click on skip tutorial and then click enable.

Click on activate>>Ok

Now check if there is an increase in your internet speed.

How to Check your Jio Speed?

To know your internet speed you can use Internet speed meter which will show you the speed on the top bar.

You will need this meter to test the speed that after applying the methods leads to increase jio 4G internet speed or not.

But if you want to know the maximum limit of your internet then you can download an app called Speedtest by Ookla which is a very popular app for testing internet speed.

Or if you don’t want to install any kind of application then you can check it from the website link mentioned below:


Go to this website and click on GO it will start the test and you will know the result after the test is finished.

With the help of this website, you will get to know your Ping latency, Download speed, and upload speed.

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How to get 5GB internet for 30 rupees in Jio

As I said that if you read till this end then I will tell you this method how you can get 5GB internet for 30 rupees only.

It is for jio service users only so if are any other service user then you can leave and read our next article.

I must tell you that this does not have direct relation with the list of Best ways to increase jio 4G internet speed but these vouchers will help you one way or the other.

So to get 5GB for 30 rupees you will have to recharge your jio number follow the steps below to know exactly how to do it.

Step 1: Go to Paytm and then to prepaid recharge

Step 2: Do a 10 rupees Jio recharge to your number it will give you a 1GB data voucher (it may not show there but you will get it)

Step 3: Recharge your jio number again 2 times both of 10 rupees and you will get 1+1GB data voucher

That makes a total of 3GB for 30 rupees but wait you will get 2GB more. Because after following the above steps you will have 21 rupees talk time balance on your number.

Step 4: Go to your jio mobile app and then click on recharge and go to the 4g DATA VOUCHER section.

Step 5: Select 21 and recharger using your 21 rupees talk time balance and you will get additional 2GB internet.

So 1 GB +1 GB +1 GB +2 GB =5GB

Now go to my jio app and click on the 3 lines then go to my vouchers, here you will find your 3 nontransferable vouchers click on redeem and then click on redeem now.



These were the best 5 ways to increase jio 4G internet speed and I believe if you apply these methods you will see changes in your internet speed.

But if your internet speed has not increased yet then there may be a problem in your area you can call the jio support team to know about the issue.

You can also lodge your jio slow speed complaint by writhing them a mail and they will look into the matter with the speed in your area.

Note: All tricks/methods which are mentioned in this article have been taken from YouTube videos or some article; I cannot claim that these methods will 100% works for everyone.

By using these Best ways to increase jio 4G internet speed tricks if you are getting any problem, just drop a comment, we try our best to solve your problem!

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