Coronavirus: 9 positive impacts of coronavirus on the digital sector

Coronavirus is an infectious disease that is newly discovered and it the biggest epidemic. Coronavirus outbreak will set back India’s growth recovery in the economic sector.

Like every other thing, it has a positive side and a negative side.

Today is this article we will talk about how coronavirus helped in the digital sector or how it has a positive effect on the digital sector.

Because of coronavirus, many countries have noticed the growth of the digital sector and it is positive growth.

Every country had the potential to grow digitally but we didn’t make full utilization of the resources we have.

This virus helped us know how far we can go digitally and to what extent the digital platforms can be used.

Education, news consumption, banking, entertainment, medical, social media, work, sports or gaming, meetings and seminars all are now operating digitally.

We will talk about more about these sectors and how coronavirus leads this to go digitally on these sectors.

Impact of coronavirus on the digital sector

The positive impact of coronavirus on Education

Education was known to be done by going to the government institution or private institutions to attend the classes.

Now E-Learning platforms are discovered and used to get an education online.

Classes are now held through various apps through video chat and assignments and notes are provided through school or college websites.

Not only school many online study platforms like udemy, unacademy, byju’s and many other apps have seen a spike on their platforms.

Many students are using YouTube to learn new things.

Many courses are made available for free, students can enroll in them to learn and enhance their skills in this hard time.

Results are also provided online and in some places, tests ate also conducted online.

Coronavirus changed the face of the education system by changing it completely.

I have listed below some courses which you can do in this free time.

Some Courses Which Will Help You In Blogging And Marketing

If you like for any other courses mention in the comment section I will try to find them for you.

Positive impact of coronavirus on News consumption

Visitor in the news category has seen a huge spike of 61% in websites and mobile apps.

People are consuming news from websites, mobile apps, and television rather than reading the newspaper or discussing it at tea stalls.

Due to social distancing, the way people consume the news has changed very much recently.

People are avoiding taking newspapers as it may spread the virus and due to lockdown, the delivery of newspaper has also stopped.

Because of this people are getting news from TV and mobile instead of newspaper.

Apart from news websites and TV people are getting news from social media sites also like Facebook, WhatsApp telegram YouTube and many other social sites.

Because of social distancing social media has seen the opposite of social distancing which is socializing.positive-impact-of-coronavirus-on-digital-industry

Positive impact of coronavirus on Banking

All physical banks like SBI, ICICI, and many other banks have closed their services temporarily.

Propels are also avoiding going to ATMs.

Instead, they are transferring money through digital banks like Paytm and PayPal.

People are using monetary apps like Google Pay, Phone Pe, Mobiwiki, Amazon, etc. to make the purchase and various bill payments of mobile or electricity.

You can also get rewards and cashback if you use these apps.

Here are the links to those apps that are providing rewards if you download them and do transactions through them.

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Google pay:

Phone Pe:


Positive impact of coronavirus on Entertainment

Many entertainment providing apps like Netflix, Voot, Amazon Prime, Alt Balaji etc. has seen huge growth in their subscribers.

Peoples are buying subscriptions of these apps to get entertained while staying at home.

Many are looking for ways to watch Netflix for free as the charges for their subscription is very high and unaffordable for some.

Television is also broadcasting old all-time favorite shows to keep people entertained.

Netflix has reduced its streaming quality so that people can watch shows longer as it will consume less internet.

Positive impact of coronavirus on Medical

Doctors are requesting the patients to avoid visiting the hospital until and unless there is an emergency case.

And patients should go through the various medial applications and hospital websites for digital consultation.

Athena health which is an American based hospital has launched QuickPay Portal which is an online payment portal so that patients can make the payment online without going to the hospital.

Jio reliance foundation has released the COVID-19 symptom checker tool in its official Jio app.

With the help of this tool you can check for symptoms, know about test centers, statistics and helpline number of national and State.positive-impact-of-coronavirus-on-digital-industry

Positive impact of coronavirus on Social media

When the whole country is in lockdown social media is our only place to be for time pass.

Because of social distancing, we give more time to social media and spend some time with our friends either by chatting or by playing games.

Many challenges are now coming up to get out of boredom traditional look challenge, best DP challenge, and many other challenges are coming up on the social media.

Some are just wasting their time looking at memes while some are making more connections.

I would say that you should not waste your time on social media instead you should utilize that time to learn some skills online.

You can even use social media to earn some money; If you have the skill then you can offer to those who are looking for it.

I will talk more about it in the next section.

Positive impact of coronavirus on Work

Work from the home program was also introduced because of coronavirus lockdown.

People now understand that they can work from home too, earlier they know they can but never implemented it.

Freelancers are doing it for a very long time they work from their home using their desktop or laptop and people use to think they were crazy.

But now they realize how everyone can work from home without going to the office.

As I was saying above that you can work from home too, if you are a student you can work too.

For working all it needed is a skill, not your degree.

If you have the skill of something then you can work on that and earn money from it.

If you are food at writing then you can write for others, if you are good at video editing then you can edit videos of others who are busy and looking for video editors.

You can search for clients at Facebook or Linkedin or you can make an account on Upwork and and get clients from there.

Positive impact of coronavirus on Sports and gaming

I am not talking about physical sports I am talking about e-sports like PUBG, FIFA; players are spending more time playing e-sports which gives a boost to the gaming industry.

There were 24% growths in online gaming site visit you can check the data and complete graph here

For time pass Ludo is played by everyone now a day, you can see the screenshot of winning on the WhatsApp status.

Teenagers are spending more time playing PUBG instead of doing something productive.

People are playing multiplayer games to spend some time with friends.

Here is the list of best multiplayer games which you can play with your friends 

Memes on Ludo

Coronavirus: 9 positive impacts of coronavirus on the digital sector Coronavirus: 9 positive impacts of coronavirus on the digital sector

Positive impact of coronavirus on Meetings and seminars/webinars

Many meetings and seminars are now conducted online instead of any venue. People are using Skype, a zoom app or any other application to get connected and do meetings through the video calls.

WhatsApp video calling feature is used more now than before.

Many entrepreneurs are conducting webinars online and many peoples are joining them to get knowledge from them.

Many didn’t know that such kind of webinars can be conducted online or how to join them, but now they know how to do so.

People all over the world are avoiding traveling to different places to attend meetings.

Many meetings and parties also got canceled because of coronavirus lockdown.


So basically we should thanks coronavirus for showing us new paths which were never discovered before.

This coronavirus has shaken us; it paused us and forced us to spend some quality time with our family.

This lockdown is a kind of healing process to nature.

So you have read the whole article then please comment whether you think coronavirus is good or bad for us.

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