No1 way to download FB videos

If you are using FB lite then you can’t download FB videos. But if you are using the original Facebook app then you can download FB videos easily.

So this article is basically for FB lite users who don’t have the option to download FB videos easily.

This article talks about how you can download FB videos, FB status video, and FB private videos using FB videos downloader app.

If you face problems downloading Facebook videos and want to know How to download FB videos then this is the right article for you.

FB private videos downloader

If you don’t know what is FB private videos downloader then let me tell you in brief about it.

It is an online FB videos downloader with the help of which you can download private FB videos online

The videos you will download will be in MP4 format and they will be in HD quality.

It is very easy to use this downloader and if you still have doubts then watch the video to know how to download.

How to download FB private videos

The process to download FB private videos is a little complicated but if you follow the steps mentioned below then you can download FB private videos easily.

  • Copy the link of videos you want to download. Click on 3 dots and click on copy link.
  • Paste the copied link on any FB private videos downloader website, then it will generate a link which you need to paste in any browser and open it.
  • You will see a page full of codes copy the whole code on that page and then go back to the downloader website and paste the whole code in the next box.
  • It will generate a downloading link of the FB private videos you want to download.
  • Click on the download button to download the video on your device.

Here is the List of best FB private videos downloader websites:

FB videos downloader HD

All of the downloaders helps you to download FB video in HD quality.

But if the video which is uploaded is in very low quality then this downloader can’t help.

In most cases the FB video that you want to download will be downloaded on the quality it is uploaded.

So make sure you are downloading an HD video.

FB status video download

In my opinion, snaptube is an amazing app to download FB status videos. Using snaptube you can download many types of FB status videos.

To use snaptube download the APK file of Snaptube, then install and launch Snaptube.

Head over to the status video tab and find the one you like and on that click on the three dots below the video.

Click on the yellow download button to download that FB status video

FB videos download app

There are many FB videos download app available in the play store, all of them are free and easy to use.

Here is the list of best FB videos downloader app:

FB videos download by link

FB videos download by link is one of the easiest ways to download Facebook videos. All you need to do is copy the link of the video you want to download and paste it in any downloader and then choose the quality in which you want to download the video.

And then simply click the download button and your video will be downloaded in your android device.

To download FB videos by link follow the steps below:

Step 1: Copy the link of the video you want to download

No1 way to download FB videos

To copy the link right-click on the video and select Copy video URL at the current time or click on the 3 dots and select copy link option.

Step 2: paste the link of video URL and click on the downloadNo1 way to download FB videos

Step 3: Either click on download video in normal quality or download a video in HD Quality to download the video.No1 way to download FB videos

Note: don’t click on the fake download buttons they are actually ads so avoid clicking on them.


Q1. What is a private Facebook video?

Many videos are uploaded and then the privacy is set to friends only instead of public. In other words, privacy of some videos is set as private by the owner of the videos which means everyone won’t be able to watch the video.

In such cases those videos can’t be downloaded using the normal video downloader, you will have to use FB private videos downloader to download such videos.

Q2. In which quality and format videos will be downloaded.

Videos will be downloaded in MP4 and in HD quality by default, but you can choose to download in other qualities also.

Q3. How to download FB videos in mobile

All the ways mentioned above works perfectly for mobile and PC. Although to use the apps on PC you need to download Bluestack with the help of which you can use android applications on PC also.


All the websites mentioned are easy to use, just copy the link of videos and paste it.

All apps are available on play store from there you can download for free and use them.

Snaptube is not available in the play store so to download snaptube click on snaptube on the list.

Now I hope you know How to download FB videos, now share it with your friends so that they also know How to download FB videos easily.

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