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Best way to call someone without showing your number

Hello, guys in this article I am going to share a trick with the help of which you will know How to call someone without showing your number.

in addition to that you can Video Call and SMS anyone across the world without any limit and for absolutely free (No TextNow and Other)

A few days back I was surfing the internet and I came across this amazing website GlobFone and its features were just amazing.

I like its features so much that I thought of sharing this with others also so I am writing this article to tell you everything about these websites and I am sure you will like them too.

This website allows you to make free phone calls to anyone across the globe, send free text messages, and make free video calls and also a free P2P file sharing service to all your friends and family around the world.

The best thing is this service works without any fee as it is completely free! And you don’t have to install any kind of special software or you don’t have to go through any registration process – Globfone is completely SAFE, Secure and very EASY to use.


Here are the things you can do on GlobFone website:


Call someone without showing your number

Call Phone 

To call someone without showing your number you have to follow the steps mentioned below:


  1. Open any browser and search for GlobFone or click here.
  2. Open the top result and click on Call or SMS.
  3. Select Country and add phone number on which you want to make call.
  4. After that, wait for 1-2 Min.
  5. If you called yourself for testing see the number

Here are few things you should know about calling feature.

  • Your call may not connect on your first try; you will have to keep trying.
  • Do not decline the phone else it will keep calling and irritate you, just accept and end at 1-2 sec.
  • Never use it to do bad things as you may suffer later.
  • This is working and I have tested it myself.
  • You need to have a microphone connected to talk.

this id the best and free way to call someone without showing your number.

P2P file sharing

Globfone file sharing feature is just awesome, you can make an account simply by entering your name.

And enter the name with whom you want to share file and both of you will get connected.

You can even chat and delete it and no one will ever know about that chat.


  • Click on file sharing on the menu bar (click on 3 lines if you are on mobile) or click here
  • Then click on ‘FIND USER’
  • Enter your name and you will be signed- in with that name.
  • Enter the recipient name with whom you want to share then hit next to get connected with them.
  • You can stop when you are done by clicking ‘Stop chatting’ button.

Here are few things you should know about sharing feature.

  • Both of the users need to be online to share files
  • All formats of files are supported, be they images, videos, audios, text documents or spreadsheets.
  • Transfer percentage is also shown on the screen.
  • This site will remember your name for 30 days so choose your name carefully.

By clicking on ‘Share File’ button you can attach any file from your computer after clicking ‘Ok’ on the window which has popped up to share this file. The process of sharing begins immediately and percentage of process that is completed is displayed so that you can view progress of the sharing process.

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Video Chat

You can also do video chat with the help of this website you don’t need to create any account or enter any password you just need to write your name and the one you want to chat with then you will get connected.

Here is the step by step process on how to do it.


  • Click on video chat on the menu bar (click on 3 lines if you are on mobile) or click here
  • Then click next.
  • It will ask for permission so click allow
  • Then enter the recipient name (with whom you want to video chat)
  • When you are done click on hungup to disconnect the call.

Here are few things you should know about calling feature.

  • Both of the users need to be online to make video call.
  • Same name can’t be used by 2 people.
  • Must give permission to camera and microphone, if it can’t access your camera it can’t make video call.

Send Text

Now you can send text for free using this website. You can send local, national and international free text messages also.

The best thing is it won’t cost anything. Step by step process to send text message is provided below.


  • Click on send text on the menu bar (click on 3 lines if you are on mobile) or click here
  • Select country and enter phone number of whom you want to text
  • On the next screen type the message you want to send
  • Then solve the captcha and hit next
  • It will show the delivery status and other few details like recipient network, ported and roaming coverage.

Here are few things you should know about text feature.

  • Sometime the message is not delivered or takes longer to deliver.
  • Receiver need to be in network coverage area.
  • Enter correct phone number.


This is really a very good website which offers so many features for free. the best thing you will know here is How to call someone without showing your number.

Please do enjoy all the features and make sure to mention in the comment section that you used any feature or not and you liked them or not this is give me motivation to bring more amazing stuffs to you soon.

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